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Ashleigh Fossey

Property Manager

Ashleigh is a treasure trove of depth and experience, revealing layers of brilliance beyond her age. With over 5 years of professional experience and a lifetime of diverse adventures, Ashleigh has firmly established herself as a trusted authority and has made a significant impact in the real estate and property management industry.

Since childhood, Ashleigh has been captivated by the world of real estate, a passion instilled in her by her family. Throughout her career journey, she has worked with some of the country's most successful offices, overseeing a broad spectrum of residential properties. Her profound understanding of real estate laws, regulations, and market dynamics has empowered her to adeptly navigate the evolving terrain of property management with unwavering assurance.

Outside the confines of the office, Ashleigh is a talented musician who can not only sing but play the piano and guitar! With a repertoire of performances on various stages over the years, Ashleigh's musical journey has not only refined her talents, but also fostered a profound sense of confidence and conviction.

With her remarkable combination of professional expertise and personal passion, Ashleigh embodies the values that define RWTE's commitment to excellence. This makes her not only the perfect fit for our team but also the ideal property manager to oversee your asset!

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